Wine & Chocolate – Two of Life’s Biggest Pleasures in Tandem


Serotonin-boosters, rich in antioxidant and even considered aphrodisiacs, chocolate and wine surely – have our (cardiac) interests at heart! Their consumption, in moderation, is believed to reduce cardiovascular diseases – but it’s the instant bliss from biting into a bar or sipping on cherry-like Pinot Noir that make us come back to them.

Whether we spoil ourselves after a long day at work, or with a nice meal or in front of a great Netflix series, wouldn’t it be fantastic to pair the two together and indulge in the most exuberant fashion?

Well, thanks to dashing French wine expert Jerome Boullier from Manchester-based importer Morgenrot,  you can do just that and match some wines, styles and grapes to our flavour-rich MIA bars.  Check out his suggestions below.    

MIA Cranberry & Hazelnut  matched to ‘Maury 2013’  Hecht & Bannier, ABV 16.5%

This 65% dark chocolate bar is complemented by dried cranberries, roasted hazelnuts and a touch of cinnamon.

Maury, a port-like wine from the Languedoc region, South of France, was made from old vines of Grenache Noir. The wine features notes of red cherry and raspberry, but also bramble, cocoa, roasted coffee beans, gingerbread, and candied fruits.

This is a fantastic option as it will match the sweet, woody and nutty flavours of the chocolate bar with plenty of fruit at the fore.

MIA Candied Orange matched to ‘Château Haut-Roquefort’ Michel Pion, ABV 14%

Across the river from the Sauternes vineyards lies the town of Cadillac, also famous for producing sweet wines from the Sémillon grapes. Cadillac is to Sauternes what Sidney is to Melbourne, or Pippa to Kate: bolder, with somewhat wilder and more explosive flavours.

In this bar, Madagascan 65% dark chocolate was infused with orange and dotted with candied orange pieces across its back, delivering an intense zingy citrus flavour throughout.

A glass of Cadillac will accompany this chocolate perfectly with upfront flavours of orange peel, citrus zest and ripe apricot, complemented by a honey-like sweetness. The perfect way to conclude a stylish dinner party or date night.


MIA 100% Cocoa  matched to ‘Xixarito’ Pedro Ximenez Bodegas Barón

Pure, uncompromised 100% Cocoa delivers deep, intense flavours derived from the beans with nuances of red fruit. Such intensity calls for even bolder flavours and texture, and that is what sweet sherries are about.

Bodegas Barón can trace its origin back to the 17th century. The two young brothers now in charge produce contemporary sherries with incredible labels, tribute to their grand-father. Pedro Ximenez Xixarito is a flavour bomb of dried fruits – raisins, figs, dates – chocolate and coffee. It boasts a velvety and creamy palate and a rich, viscous but delicate sweetness.

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