Sweet Start in Sweden


We’re thrilled to have launched our partnership with Zebeda Chocolate to distribute MIA in the Swedish market. The MIA launch took place at the Formex this August, the largest Nordic business-to-business trade that gathers furniture, cookware, stationery, food and more under one roof. With Sweden’s reputation for world-class design, the show promised glimpses of innovative and creative products across the board.


Having supported the launch in Stockholm, MIA Co-founder Brett Beach came away inspired. “Sweden has a thriving craft chocolate market and a number of new brands are helping to educate the consumer about the value of single origin chocolate made from bean-to-bar. These are positive signs for MIA as we believe we have a great brand proposition for both the premium and ethical markets.”

“We are happy to have our brand in the hands of Zebeda Chocolate, a partner with over 15 years of experience with craft chocolate and a good understanding of what makes MIA special.”

Eric and Kersti, Co-founders of Zebeda Chocolate, have plans to present MIA to specialty chocolate shops and quality food markets. The couple bring a lot of enthusiasm to their work and experience to match. In addition to a great understanding of chocolate, Kersti brings a background in the health benefits of cacao and has authored several books on the subject.

Expanding on launches in other European markets such as England, The Netherlands and Germany, introducing MIA to Sweden is another great step to spread the word (and proof) that some of the world’s best chocolate can be made at source: Made In Africa!