Seedrs Crowdfunding Campaign Announced


By Brett Beach, Co-Founder

Africa and its people cultivate some of the most desired ingredients in the world but they continue to be exploited and often lack the infrastructure for industry.  As a result, the 47 countries of Sub-Saharan Africa remain especially poor. Despite representing 12% of the world’s population, the region accounts for less than 2% of world trade and many communities are dependent on aid for survival.  We believe in a world where quality African food products create a meaningful connection between consumers in developed nations and producers in some of the poorest communities on earth.

65% of the world’s cocoa comes from Africa but less than 1% of chocolate is actually made there. We’re out to change this sad status quo.  MIA, short for Made In Africa, is different in that it is a daring and disruptive benchmark in the specialty and ethical food markets for its ability to deliver delicious tasting and beautiful products that are entirely crafted in Africa.  By doing this, MIA brings three to four times more benefit to local communities (vs. export of raw ingredients). 

Essentially, we’re developing what we see as fair trade 2.0, a business model that goes beyond raw ingredients to bring production benefits to communities in Africa. It’s incredibly challenging but equally rewarding and a chance to help change the course of history in the food industry. 

Successfully launched in the UK in November 2017, our seven-strong range of MIA bars is now also available in Australia, Belgium, Germany and The Netherlands. 

We’re now looking to raise £100K through the Seedrs platform to support further expansion, increase production, fund new vital equipment at the factory in Madagascar, implement a strategic marketing program and to launch new and exciting products.

To find out more and follow our crowdfunding adventure, visit: 

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