Our Story

Our Story

Having lived in Africa for more than 7 years, we wanted to create a brand that would put African communities front and centre.

Africa produces 70% of the world’s cocoa, but less than 1% of finished chocolate. This injustice inspired us to make each and every value-added MIA product in Africa, from start to finish.

What started as an idea is now a cause that is shared by friends, family and customers around the world: to make delicious chocolate that improves lives in Africa.

Made in Africa: The MIA mission

Every MIA product is entirely crafted by communities in Africa. The same cannot be said for 99% of products on the chocolate market, which are made far from the cocoa source, limiting impact to farms.

By making chocolate from bean-to-bar in Africa, MIA creates much more value than the export of raw cocoa beans.

We’re honoured to collaborate with Proudly Made in Africa to ensure that products aren’t just made in Africa, but also use locally sourced ingredients and materials. Our approach supports the creation of skilled jobs – from chocolate making to printing to the service industry – on a continent where a single income can support an entire family.



1 FOR change

In communities in Africa, a little can go a long way. That is why we created 1 for Change: our own impact programme, which dedicates 1% of all MIA sales to development projects in Africa to help protect a local endangered species, create a healthier environment or improve a community’s livelihoods..

In Madagascar, MIA Green offsets CO2 emissions by planting trees in a national forest to extend lemur habitats, actively involving local communities to protect their precious forests. Our Girls’ Education Fund helps vulnerable students realise their academic potential by providing a stipend that covers school fees, school lunch and health care. 

In Ghana, 1 for Change supported development of a website for our cocoa supplier, ABOCFA, to improve their digital storytelling and online outreach. We also sponsored a No Hunger curriculum for students in the Greater Accra area to educate them about food security.

Award-winning chocolate crafted in Africa

MIA is all about collaborating with the best entrepreneurs in Africa. These women and men are the key to fulfilling our brand promise: to produce amazing flavours that do good.

Teams in Madagascar and Ghana control the entire chocolate making process – from roasting, shelling and grinding to tempering and packaging. This way, MIA can ensure each bar’s premium quality and unique flavours.

Thanks to exceptional cocoa and expert chocolate making in Madagascar and Ghana, MIA has received 5 Great Taste Awards from the Guild of Fine Foods in London.