MIA Truffles Launch at Hammer & Tongs Restaurant


Following our collaboration earlier this year for Valentine’s Day, we’re incredibly excited to be back at Hammer & Tongs. With a shared passion for Africa and delicious food, Hammer & Tongs is a perfect partner for MIA. This time, we’re collaborating on a year-round vegan Coconut Mint Chocolate Truffle.

Created by talented chef Rodrigo Navarro using the new ‘MIA for Chefs’ chocolate drops, the truffles are rich and silky with the tropical taste of coconut balanced by a minty coolness and the nuanced flavours of Madagascan cocoa.  

Rodrigo at work at Hammer & Tongs

Starting in September, all Hammer & Tongs guests will receive a complimentary truffle at the end of the meal.  The truffles will also be exclusively offered at Taste of London Festive this November. 

Bringing the famous South African braai to London since launch in 2016, Hammer & Tongs is passionate about materials and ingredients. One example is the decision to import a special wood from southern Africa to give the braai a special flavour while helping game reserves protect their land against an invasive species called sekelbos.

Head Chef Rodrigo Navarro:

“We look at every ingredient we use from many angles: how it tastes, where it comes from, how it was produced, how it is packaged and its impact on the environment. All these considerations are vital to our dishes, our business and important to our customers, so we’re delighted to collaborate with MIA on our new Coconut Mint Chocolate Truffle.  The quality of the chocolate is fabulous, offering absolute provenance and a great opportunity to do some good in Africa with every order we make.”

The collaboration with Hammer & Tongs is part of MIA’s new strategy to target the foodservice sector and the growing number of innovative chefs who are putting greater importance on quality, ingredient provenance, sustainability and social impact.

MIA baking drops (3g) are easy to measure and melt

A new ‘MIA for Chefs’ catering pack is now available in 5-kg bags of 65% dark chocolate specifically made for bakers, chefs and chocolatiers. Those interested in receiving further product information enquire at hello@miafoodie.com.

About Hammer & Tongs

Inspired by a love of traditional South African braai, Hammer & Tongs offers juicy, tender and smoky cuts of meat cooked over wood.

Braai (rhymes with try) is quintessential South African barbecue. Hammer & Tongs only ever cooks with sekelbos (sickle bush) wood imported from Namibia. Sekelbos smoke married with beef, pork, vegetables or fish creates a whole new dining experience and depth of flavour.

South Africans have been braai-ing for thousands of years and over the centuries the flavours have evolved thanks to the diverse culinary influences brought by the many settlers. What has always remained the same is the simplicity of braai and the skill of cooking over woodfires.

The unforgettable flavours experienced at Hammer & Tongs warm the soul. The beer bread, marinades and chutneys are all homemade and inspired by the tastes of the Karoo and Stellenbosch regions of South Africa. Hammer & Tongs source only the highest quality, local, seasonal ingredients. All meat is British free-range and the fish is from sustainable sources.

More at www.hammertongs.co.uk/.