MIA is Contagious!


What if something positive could spread far and wide? What if it tasted great and made people feel good? We think we may have just the thing and a group of us are already hooked!

MIA is a concept that defies business logic and flips the status quo upside down to do something new. Why is it that ‘Made In Africa’ is not a tag we see on popular clothing brands, delicious foods and tech products? The MIA brand family was drawn together by the desire to give this question a real-life answer.

We have the shared vision that some of the very best foods can be crafted at the source of the ingredients in Africa, and in a way that creates a positive connection between producers and consumers. And now that MIA is out we thought we’d share how it came about.

Like a great meal, a brand requires lots of ingredients to make it complete, and that’s the approach we’ve taken to MIA. The MIA family is a collection of individuals who share a commitment to the core values: craft delicious food products in Africa with fairness in mind. This MIA ethos connects everyone and generates the passion needed to create something new from the ground up.

So, you may ask, who is connected through MIA?

Brett, our Chocolate Enthusiast, combined formative years in Africa with previous experience in start-ups and chocolate to develop a brand concept.

Sarah, resident Foodie, brought to the idea a passion for food, a strong belief in grassroots change and a marketing background. Together, the two formed the seed of a business with a desire to make a difference through food.


Having dedicated a career to development work in the southern hemisphere, Conall, the Africa Expert, embodied MIA values and understood the challenges producers face in getting their great products out of Africa. Conall was a perfect addition to a business rooted in Africa!

Ideas and visions are great but they need a name and identity to come to life. Enter Dynamo Ltd, a unique branding and design agency. Founder Jamie Hellie saw a great opportunity to tell the positive story of Africa’s beauty, flavours and human potential, and to do it through a brand that gives more back.

Last and but not least, GIST Initiatives Ltd, a UK platform that unites a group of Social Impact Investors, supports the MIA cause, not just through finance but also with a strong network of advisors and collaborators. Founder Gamil (pictured below) and Co-founder Giuseppe are passionate about demonstrating the capacity of social enterprises to make a positive impact on the world. In supporting the success of brands like MIA, GIST Initiatives can motivate others to to take a similar approach.

The MIA brand family came together to bring the best flavours of Africa to foodies and friends around the world. And in turn, we want to connect the world to the pride and prosperity of communities in the far-reaching corners of Africa. This is our vision for MIA: food with thought.