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Why are all MIA products made in Africa?
We make each and every MIA product in Africa to give more benefit back to the communities at the source where the ingredients are grown. This commitment to our African partners is also based on the belief that we can build on the ethical certifications that improve trade in agricultural goods (FairTrade, Rainforest Alliance, UTZ etc.) and pioneer a concept that creates additional value, recognition and pride through the production of premium products in Africa.
What’s meant by “bean-to-bar” chocolate?
Bean-to-bar refers to a specific production process used to craft cocoa beans into chocolate bars, where the entire process - from roasting, shelling and grinding to tempering and packaging - takes place under one roof. The bean-to-bar process allows for complete control over production and ingredient quality, especially in contrast to many other bars on the market which may be made by melting and reforming blocks of chocolate purchased from large manufacturers.
Are you interested in working with different partners and projects in other regions of Africa?
Yes, we are constantly seeking the best ingredients and most entrepreneurial craftspeople in Africa so that we can form mutually beneficial partnerships with them. Please let us know at hello@miafoodie.com if you know of a great African producer who would like to work with us.
How do you ensure fair prices to cocoa farmers?
As mentioned above, we conduct periodic reviews with our production partner to ensure that our cocoa farmer suppliers are receiving prices at or above Fair Trade levels. In the spirit of fair trade values, we have also established a special programme called 1 for Change, which contributes 1% of all MIA sales to projects that can help protect a local endangered species, create a healthier environment or improve a community's livelihoods. Watch out for upcoming MIA blogs here on www.miafoodie.com/blog regarding more 1 for Change news and further development projects.
Can you make a donation for an event?
We focus the majority of our donation-related resources on supporting our 1 for Change programme, retail partner activities and in-store sampling. We are happy to hear from you at hello@miafoodie.com, but due to the small size of our team, we cannot promise a response to your message.
Can someone from MIA speak at an event?
We love to get out and meet MIA supporters and are always happy to hear about events at hello@miafoodie.com, but when considering an opportunity, we have to take many factors into consideration, such as distance, existing commitments, cost, etc. Please note that due to the small size of our team, we cannot promise a response to your message.
Do you have third-party verification of your sourcing and production?
Yes, we collaborate with Proudly Made in Africa (PMIA) to evaluate value-add and measure MIA’s impact within the continent. PMIA is a not-for-profit that ensures products aren't just made in Africa, but are primarily done so with locally sourced ingredients and materials, creating more jobs on a continent where a single income can support an entire family. PMIA used the Ethical Trading Initiative Base Code to audit the MIA supply chain before recognising the brand with the Award of Excellence in African Industry. (The Ethical Trading Initiative Base Code is the same audit structure used by fair trade labels.)
Question not answered among these FAQs?
If you have a question which has not been covered here on our website, please let us know at hello@miafoodie.com. We will do our best to get back to you within three business days.
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