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Do any MIA chocolate products contain nuts?
Some of our chocolate products contain nuts; while these will be clearly stated in their ingredients listings, all MIA products may contain traces of nuts due to them all being produced in the same facility.
Are MIA chocolate products organic?
Many of our ingredients are naturally organic, but aren’t certified as such. In our chocolate, for example, the cocoa that makes up over 50% of every product is grown organically among other tropical fruits under the shade of hardwood trees.
Are MIA chocolate products gluten free?
Yes, all MIA chocolate products are gluten free and produced in a gluten-free facility.
Where can I find nutritional info on MIA products?
Each MIA product’s nutritional information is featured on the back of its pack. You can also access each product’s ingredient and allergen information by clicking on its icon in our online store.
Are MIA products certified Kosher?
No, we are unfortunately unable to certify this.
What type of sugar is used in MIA chocolate products?
MIA chocolate is made with pure cane sugar, which we purchase from local growers in Madagascar. This allows us to support more livelihoods in African communities. Sugar used in MIA chocolate meets vegan standards.
What does ‘cocoa percentage’ mean?
The cocoa percentage refers to the combined amount of two ingredients: cocoa mass, which is made by roasting, shelling and grinding cocoa beans, and cocoa butter, which is produced by pressing roasted cocoa beans in order to separate the fat (i.e. the cocoa butter) from the dry matter.
How should MIA chocolate be stored?
Ideally, all chocolate should be kept at temperatures around 17 °C (63 °F) and away from direct sunlight and strong odours. While chocolate can withstand temperatures warmer than this, it may be damaged by temperatures of 25 °C (77° F) and higher. Chocolate does not need to be refrigerated, and can actually be damaged by a refrigerator’s moist environment.
Are MIA chocolate products Direct Trade certified?
While we are not formally associated with Direct Trade as a certification, our production partner purchases cocoa directly from independent farmers in northwest Madagascar. MIA chocolate is made exclusively with this cocoa only.
Are MIA chocolate products Fair Trade certified?
The MIA supply chain is audited with the same structure used by fair trade labels (Ethical Trading Initiative Base Code). We also operate according to the core values established by fair trade, i.e. fair price and development support. To this end, we conduct periodic reviews with our production partner to ensure that our cocoa farmer suppliers are receiving fair prices. We have also established a special programme called 1 for Change, which contributes 1% of all MIA sales to projects that can help protect a local endangered species, create a healthier environment or improve a community's livelihoods. Watch out for upcoming MIA blogs here on www.miafoodie.com/blog for 1 for Change projects.
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