Coming to America!


Known for foraging the best local produce and hard-to-find specialty products from around the world, the Texas-based Central Market grocery stores now list the full MIA range of fine flavour chocolates.

Boasting full-service kitchens, wine classes and culinary schools combined with over 600 varieties of cheeses and a wine selection to match, Central Market is frequently credited as one of the best food markets in the US and was recognised by Specialty Food Magazine as “Outstanding Specialty Food Retailer.”

MIA Co-founder Sarah reflects, “We really couldn’t ask for a better partner to introduce MIA to the US market. Central Market creates a really unique customer experience by combining the best of local products with a phenomenal variety of delicious international foods. As a result, a trip to Central Market is something like visiting farmer market stalls and travelling abroad all in one.”

With stores in Austin, Fort Worth, Dallas, Houston and San Antonio, Central Market gives MIA a chance to reach customers in the major urban centres. MIA joins the company of US brands like Vosges, Taza and Dick Taylor on the one side and European chocolates such as Willie’s Cacao, Amadei and Divine on the other.

Sarah: “There is a lot of good competition at Central Market, and we’re thrilled to give customers the chance to expand on their experience by trying what we believe to be Africa’s best chocolate. If we can get customers to taste MIA once, we are sure they will be come back for more. We’ll be doing some tastings and promotional activities in collaboration with Central Market to encourage trial and support this new partnership.”