Coconut Mint Truffles


Truffles have a decadent look and taste but they are one of the easiest chocolates to make. Following a collaboration between MIA and pioneering South African braai restaurant Hammer & Tongs, Chef Rodrigo Navarro created a special truffle with our new 65% Dark Baking Drops.

This silky smooth truffle celebrates the rich flavour of MIA while adding a twist with coconut and hint of mint. If coconut and / or mint are not flavours you enjoy then you can easily substitute other ingredients in their place. 

Ingredients (approx 12 truffles)

  • 120g MIA 65% Dark Chocolate Drops or 75% Dark Chocolate
  • 70g soy cream (for vegans) or 80g dairy cream
  • 25g Muscovado sugar
  • 20g mint leaves or 3 drops of mint extract


1) Chop the mint leaves and set them aside.


2) Combine the soy cream / dairy cream and the sugar in a pot. Bring the mixture close to the boil and remove from heat. After removing the sweetened cream from the heat, add the mint leaves. Cover with cling film and set aside for 10 minutes. (The cling film keeps the mint flavour in the cream instead of allowing it to evaporate.)
3) Melt the chocolate in a bain marie while stirring. Remove the chocolate from the bain marie as soon as it is completely melted.
4) Strain the mint leaves out of the cream, pressing the leaves to extract all of the cream.
5) Stir 1/3 of the mint cream into the melted chocolate. Once the first 1/3 of the cream is mixed with the chocolate, add the rest and mix again.
6) Allow the truffle mixture to cool (no refrigeration needed) for 1-3 hours. Once the mixture is firm enough to handle you can use it.
7) Toasted Coconut (optional) — Gently toast some of the coconut in a pan on low heat. Stir constantly to prevent burning and remove from heat once the coconut is golden brown.
8) Make small balls with the truffle mixture and roll them in the coconut.
Keep your truffles in a cool place away from direct light and sources of heat (no need to refrigerate) and enjoy them within one week.
Thanks to Chef Rodrigo and Hammer & Tongs for the delicious Coconut Mint Truffle recipe! Those of you attending Taste of London this fall can enjoy Chef Rodrigo’s creation at the MIA stand.

About Hammer & Tongs

Inspired by a love of traditional South African braai, Hammer & Tongs offers juicy, tender and smoky cuts of meat cooked over wood.

Braai (rhymes with try) is quintessential South African barbecue. Hammer & Tongs only ever cooks with sekelbos (sickle bush) wood imported from Namibia. Sekelbos smoke married with beef, pork, vegetables or fish creates a whole new dining experience and depth of flavour.

South Africans have been braai-ing for thousands of years and over the centuries the flavours have evolved thanks to the diverse culinary influences brought by the many settlers. What has always remained the same is the simplicity of braai and the skill of cooking over woodfires.

The unforgettable flavours experienced at Hammer & Tongs warm the soul. The beer bread, marinades and chutneys are all homemade and inspired by the tastes of the Karoo and Stellenbosch regions of South Africa. Hammer & Tongs source only the highest quality, local, seasonal ingredients. All meat is British free-range and the fish is from sustainable sources.

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