Chocolate Beer Experiments


When it comes to pairing chocolate with drinks or even using it as an ingredient, the possibilities really are endless. The MIA team has begun experimenting so that we can hopefully inspire you to get creative with your chocolate and drink matching in 2018. 

With the number of breweries in the UK surpassing 2000 and interest in the art of craft brewing showing no signs of slowing down, we decided to kick things off with beer or, as some believe Ben Franklin called it, ‘proof of God’s love for us’.  

We’re big believers that if you’re going to do something you should do it properly, so to help us in this challenge we enlisted the skills and enthusiasm of Borough Box’s legendary chef, home brewer and happy food and drink all-rounder Jacob Liddle.  

After providing Jacob with Madagascan cacao, coconut and, of course, MIA chocolate, he went to work brewing a few test batches.  While his Ginger & Cacao Milk Stout needed a bit of work, the Nugget Brown, Cacao & Coconut Brown ale was a big success. 

The beer offered beautiful  roasted caramel and mocha notes with some subtle fruity nuances making is extremely drinkable and altogether moreish. We paired the ale with our  65% Dark Chocolate Almond & Coconut bar which we felt perfectly complimented the toffee-ish flavours and salty hits of almond.     

As any beer aficionado will tell you, a lot can go wrong when brewing beer — never mind when you’re experimenting with ingredients such as cacao, chocolate and coconut — so we raise our glasses in salute to Jacob’s first brews. It turns out it’s only the beginning because Jacob has been back to the brewing shed and will be unveiling his latest chocolate collaboration brew shortly. Watch this space.