Chef Killian’s Chocolate Week Creations


Chef Killian Lynch promises to spoil WB Yeats customers after pairing up with single origin, bean-to-bar chocolate brand MIA to create two mouth-watering desserts that will debut at WB Yeats during the upcoming UK Chocolate Week October 15-21.

Killian is not out to reinvent dishes but rather to make classics with the freshest ingredients that he selects himself. Cooking delicious classics at the Finsbury Park gastro pub, Killian is all about purity of ingredients and infusing his roasts, terrine’s and desserts with his own innovative twists.


Killian explains, “I really enjoyed working with MIA chocolate when we hosted their brand launch event earlier in the year, so I was excited to create a couple of Chocolate Week treats to give our regulars and chocolate enthusiasts a chance to experience MIA flavours in delicious desserts.

It’s exciting to work with these MIA flavours because they are not yet in the market. They are part of a new product development project where MIA pairs up with chefs to get feedback. It’s a chance for consumers to taste the chocolates for the first time, and in some luscious desserts nonetheless.”

MIA Co-founder Brett on the partnership: “This is a must-try for chocolate and dessert lovers who want to get a taste of Killian’s latest creations. He absolutely spoiled the guests at our brand launch with an amazing Chocolate Martini and a rich Salted Caramel Tart, so we’re thrilled to have Killian’s culinary skills and sense of creativity on our side for Chocolate Week 2018!”

What’s on the (dessert) menu, you may ask?

  • Warm chocolate & caramel tart with coconut ice cream
  • Cold chocolate fondant with candied hazelnuts


The desserts are available at WB Yeats at 20 Fonthill Road London N4 3HU, throughout Chocolate Week ( until end-January 2019. For those looking for an amazing Chocolate Week finale, why not book a Sunday lunch at WB Yeats? You’ll be spoiled with an amazing hand selected roast, a friendly pub atmosphere and a chance to explore Chef Lynch’s interpretation of exclusive MIA flavours!