MIA has committed £500 of its 1 for Change impact fund to help communities in Madagascar combat the devastation of COVID-19 with hand washing stations, local production of face masks and free meals for vulnerable families.

According to a recent BBC report, Africa has thus far avoided the devastation that COVID-19 has reaped on other parts of the world but the continent faces the risk of serious economic impact. For their part, fair trade CEOs have already called on the G20 Group to support cocoa farmers in developing countries from the worst effects of the COVID-19 crisis.

MIA, a challenger brand with a range of chocolates made bean-to-bar in Madagascar to create more value for local communities, wants to help fight the coronavirus at this relatively early stage when interventions can have the biggest impact. The brand is responding to urgent warnings like the one issued by the British Ambassador to Madagascar, Phil Boyle, who warned in early April that, “The island has minimal health infrastructure, with 10 doctors for every 100,000 people…. If developed countries don’t step up, the humanitarian consequences could be considerable.”

MIA Co-founder Sarah Lescrauwaet explains the project to combat COVID-19: “Africa is the poorest continent in the world and most countries do not have even a fraction of the health and social security means that we have in Europe. In Africa, people have to do their shopping at outdoor markets and many live day-to-day, so stocking up on essential food items is impossible. Needless to say, Amazon home deliveries are not an option. Worse yet, many vulnerable families find themselves sacrificing daily meals because they cannot earn their daily wages.     


It’s great that Money for Madagascar and its partners in Madagascar are taking initiative. We’re proud to support their work. Women who are unemployed due to COVID-19 now have jobs making masks, and these same masks will protect first line responders. Additionally, handwashing stations will be set up outside markets to reduce the likelihood of infection where human contact is unavoidable for purchase of staple foods.”

Money for Madagascar also supports vulnerable families that now have face a dual challenge; their children no longer receive a complimentary school lunch and parents now only have half a day to earn a living due to partial COVID-19 lockdown in Madagascar.

Sarah: “We know that the COVID-19 problem is bigger than any single effort but we believe that working together we can make a real difference to people in need, and this is exactly why we created the 1 for Change impact fund when we launched MIA. We want to thank all of our customers for making this project possible with their purchases of MIA chocolate!”

With Chocolate Week running from the 13th – 21st October, we have ensured there is fun and chocolate-packed schedule taking place to help you discover MIA.  

Providing you with all the excuses you will ever need to have a week-long chocolate binge, here’s what’s happening and what’s not to miss. 

Whole Foods Tastings

Following our launch in Whole Foods, we’re delighted to be part of their chocolate week festivities which will see them run a host of special tastings and even two small chocolate fairs in their Piccadilly and Richmond stores.   We will be exhibiting at both chocolate fairs so if you’re in the areas, head on over to discover the best bean-to-bar around.   Our chocolate will also have 20% off the price in Whole Foods during Chocolate Week so a great time to stock up.  

The events will take place as follows:

Date             Day           Store                                                                Start    Finish     Event
12-Oct-18    Friday          Whole Foods Market High St Kensington    5pm  –  8pm        Instore Tasting
12-Oct-18    Friday          Whole Foods Market Piccadilly                      5pm  –  8pm         Chocolate Fair
13-Oct-18    Saturday     Whole Foods Market Richmond                     12 noon  –  4pm   Chocolate Fair
15-Oct-18    Monday       Whole Foods Market Piccadilly                      1pm  –   4pm         Instore tasting
15-Oct-18    Monday       Whole Foods Market High St Kensington   5pm  –   8pm         Instore tasting
17-Oct-18    Wednesday Whole Foods Market High St Kensington   5pm  –   8pm         Instore tasting


Chocolate Chef Collaboration with Killian Lynch

WB Yeats’ chef Killian Lynch has been quietly building an impressive reputation from his Finsbury Park kitchen and for UK Chocolate Week he will be showcasing his skills to the full with two delicious desserts made using MIA chocolate.     

After practising with MIA in the kitchen, Killian has created the following special desserts which will be available throughout Chocolate Week at WB Yeats at 20 Fonthill Road, London, N4 3HU :

For more information visit, https://www.miafoodie.com/chef-killians-chocolate-week-creations/


Chocolate Speed Dating at Merge

Chocolate tastings, chocolate speed dating, music and dance – that’s just four things taking place at Move the World’s bi-annual fundraising event, MERGE: A Taste of Africa.   

MERGE will take place at Peckham Levels on Thursday 11th October 2018 and all proceeds raised on the night support Move the World’s locally led change projects in Medie, Ghana.

Doors open at 7pm and tickets are £15 online (£20 at the door). Online tickets are sold on Eventbrite. For more info visit – www.eventbrite.com/e/merge-a-taste-of-africa-tickets-50128938003



We’re delighted to be supporting Move the World, which is hosting their bi-annual fundraising event to kick off Chocolate week festivities: MERGE, A Taste of Africa.

The event, which takes place at Peckham Levels on the 11th October from 7pm, is set to be the talk of London town with live music, dance performances, competitions and extra special MIA chocolate tasting sessions. 

If that wasn’t enough, for those searching love a unique Chocolate Speed Dating experience will be run on the night.  Singletons can sign up to have the chance of eight different dates alongside eight different MIA chocolates.    

All proceeds raised on the night support Move the World’s locally led change projects in Medie, Ghana.  



About Move the World

Move the World is a UK-based charity focused on building the leadership skills and capabilities of local change-makers in Medie, Ghana.

With experiential education at their core, they facilitate experiences that encourage people to step outside of their comfort zones and connect them with people from different experiences and backgrounds. Their work in Ghana is focused on youth-inspired community development projects.

The collaborative team works with the community to inspire and support the development of projects that will impact the well-being of others around them. MERGE is a way for Move the World to engage their community in the UK with their work and to raise the funds needed to run training and projects in Ghana.

They are currently fundraising for their Girls Empowerment Group and ‘Get Global’ education programme which will be piloted at Mayeh Preparatory School in January.

The venue, Peckham Levels, aligns perfectly with the charity’s values of creativity and  collaboration. It is a community space where Move the World and MIA’s friends can come together to celebrate the kick off of Chocolate Week.

MERGE will take place on Thursday 11th October 2018 at Peckham Levels. Doors open at  7pm and tickets are £15 online (£20 at the door). Online tickets are sold on Eventbrite –  https://www.eventbrite.com/e/merge-a-taste-of-africa-tickets-50128938003

You can out find more information about the event and tickets at www.movetheworld.co/events/, or on their social media channels:    

Facebook: @movetheworld.co   Instagram:@movetheworld.co  Twitter: @movetheworld_co 

To join the ‘Fairtrade Fortnight’ celebrattions next week, we will be collaborating with creative chef Killian Lynch from The W.B. Yeats N4 bar and kitchen.

Beginning on the 26th February and running until the 11th March, the innovative local eatery in the heart of the Finsbury Park community will be offering a specially created MIA cocktail and dessert.

A percentage of the sales will be donated to the  our ‘1 for Change’ programme that invests in projects in Africa to help save local endangered species or to improve a community’s livelihoods.

A complimentary bar of MIA will also be given to each Sunday Roast guest on Sunday 4th March and Mother’s Day – Sunday 11th March. 

The specials include:

MIA Martini

Dark chocolate, agave syrup, cocoa liqueur, coffee and vodka, shaken over ice and finished with shavings of MIA 100% dark chocolate

MIA Salted Caramel Tart

Sweet tartlet of MIA 65% Candied Orange chocolate crémeux & vanilla salted caramel ganache

The William Butler Yeats N4

The W.B. Yeats N4 is a vibrant local bar and kitchen in Finsbury Park. Led by manager Angus Gray and Head Chef Killian Lynch, the team at this North London venue deliver great service, quality food and drink, and regular live music events for their eclectic and friendly clientele.

The simple but bold flavours of their seasonal menu and personal touches throughout their service mean Yeats’ words ring true at this Irish-owned establishment…“There are no strangers here, only friends you haven’t yet met.”

For further information, visit:


Twitter: @WBYeatsN4

Facebook: www.facebook.com/wbyeatsn4

Instagram: @wbyeatsn4