5 tips to keep your chocolate tasting tip top!


Do you keep your chocolate in the fridge or only eat it with a hot drink? We believe if you’re buying  top quality chocolate as tasty and exquisite as MIA, you should make sure you get the most from each bar and storing it properly will help keep the flavour as it should be – pure perfection. *

  1. Don’t refrigerate

Don’t keep your chocolate in the fridge. The moisture in the fridge makes the sugar come to the surface creating ‘sugar bloom’. Sugar bloom is the whitish coating that can appear on the surface of chocolate.

  1. Keep away from strong smells

Another reason not to keep your chocolate in the fridge is that it absorbs odours. No one wants their chocolate tasting of blue cheese or curry so keep out of the fridge and away from other strong smelling leftovers, ingredients and spices. Choose an air tight container in a chocolate only cupboard!

  1. Store in a cool, dry place

Keep away from heat as this will cause ‘cocoa bloom’. Again, you’ll see a whitish layer on top of the chocolate. Heat causes a film of cocoa butter to rise to the top, which could alter the taste of your chocolate.

  1. Choose the right drink

What you eat your chocolate with is important. Stay away from cold drinks immediately before munching on MIA, such as a glass of chilled white wine. Instead try a red wine at room temperature. The acidity and fruitiness will make you salivate, which will make the chocolate breakdown more easily. If you really want a glass of white wine with your MIA, eat the chocolate first and then have the wine.

  1. Keep out of direct sunlight or artificial light

Any strong light can change the original chocolate product, so store it away in a cool/dry place…where no prying hands can find it!

If you store MIA chocolate the right way it should last up to two years and taste just as good as the day you bought it but we can’t see you resisting it that long!

*Please note these tips won’t ruin the chocolate, they will just alter the taste slightly from how it was deliciously produced.