In 2022, we celebrated the development of a new brand called Ghana Gold, making MIA the world’s only company to produce finished chocolate in two African countries: Ghana and Madagascar.

Expansion to Ghana allowed us to support nine new suppliers in Africa, most notably a chocolate making team and a Fairtrade organic cocoa cooperative 1,000 members strong.

Image: Stephen Ashia, director of the ABOCFA cooperative


In 2022, MIA increased its annual chocolate production, supporting the equivalent of 46 full-time jobs in Africa and sustaining 30 Ha of cocoa forests.

Image: Winnowing cocoa beans at factory in Madagascar.


In line with our commitment to support communities beyond the supply chain, the 1 for Change fund implemented perennial education and reforestation activities and supported two onetime projects in Ghana: a Zero Hunger course for school children in Medie and a business support project for the ABOCFA cocoa cooperative.

Our work in Africa promoted eight of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, demonstrating that a for-profit business can also be a vehicle for positive change on the world’s poorest continent.


Thanks to everyone who supported MIA in 2022 — making it possible to support communities in Africa and with the production of delicious chocolate — from suppliers to consumers around the world to friends and family!


Read the full MIA Impact Report here: https://we.tl/t-1f1SY8A3Bm